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Suspended Ceilings

Efficient and comfortable environments make us feel good and influence our behaviour. Architects and designers recognise this, employers also have realised that bright, light and visually stimulating work interiors improve productivity and minimise absence.

There is now a huge range of ceiling materials manufactured to meet both modest and adventurous specifications. We are able to supply and install both cost efficient, new or replacement suspended ceilings to update your interiors, or designs on a grander scheme, such as rafts & islands. Suspended ceilings are no longer just a solution to hide mechanical and electrical services; they can improve heat retention, sound and fire performance; be innovative, attractive, vibrant and creative, or be simply clean and practical. We can also supply integral modular lighting to complement your scheme.

Since we supply materials from leading, environmentally conscious manufacturers such as AMF, Armstrong, British Gypsum, Ecophon, OWA, Rockfon & USG (to name but a few) and our skilled installation teams are fully trained, you can be confident that your installation, regardless of its complexity will meet the most demanding expectations and give many years of service.

Our estimating teams can help you plan and design your new work or recreational spaces and since this service is completely charge free, there is no reason why you shouldn't start to explore your options NOW!